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Why Your Practice Needs An Online Pharmacy!

Your Practice Needs an ONLINE PHARMACY!

  • Offer your clients the convenience of ordering 24/7, from the convenience of their home or office.
  • Process online orders with far greater efficiency than processing front desk or telephone orders.
  • PetMedPlace provides a highly effective method of battling the on-line pharmacies--instead of being the "bad guy," your clients regard your practice as being on their side
  • PetMedPlace impresses the clients deeply, as a mark of your practice's commitment to cutting-edge technologies, advanced practice protocols, and customer service

Your PetMedPlace ONLINE PHARMACY CONVENIENCE increases client compliance

  • convenience: the client doesn't have to do anything but use their computer at their convenience; no need to make a special trip to the veterinary hospital!
  • no time constraints: the client can purchase medications/supplies for their pet 24/7/365, and doesn't have to remember to call or come by during hospital "business hours"
  • time-savings: the client doesn't have to wait in line, even for in-store pickups

Your PetMedPlace ONLINE PHARMACY CONVENIENCE benefits the Patient

  • Pet Med Place makes it easier for the client to comply with the veterinarian's management plan for the pet
  • no more missed heartworm prevention--PetMedPlace sends automatic e-mails for administering the product, as well as when refills are needed
  • chronic-use medications (such as Soloxine and NSAIDs) get refilled more often, so the pet has an improved quality of life and greater longevity
  • pets will stay faithfully on their therapeutic diets (such as Prescription Diets)--refills are ordered as soon as the client notices they're getting low, BEFORE the current supply runs out

Your PetMedPlace ONLINE PHARMACY CONVENIENCE benefits the Practice

  • PetMedPlace orders give a huge savings in time & labor costs for the practice, when compared to a traditional prescription refill:

Traditional Prescription Refill

VETERINARY PRODUCTIVITY recommends a minimum dispensing fee of $18.85:

client calls practice during regular business hours, requests refill

receptionist takes message

receptionist pulls the file & puts to doctor's attention

doctor reviews file, approves script

technician fills script, creates invoice

technician calls client that script is ready

script is placed in pick-up area at front desk

client drives to veterinary hospital during regular business hours, waits in line at the front desk

receptionist identifies the client, locates the script

receptionist processes the invoice & payment

PetMedPlace Refill

client purchases product on-line at his/her convenience, 24/7

invoice & payment processed by computer

technician reviews PetMedPlace purchases on next business day

doctor reviews file, approves script

technician fills script and completes order

PetMedPlace automatically e-mails client script is ready for pick-up at the veterinary hospital, or in the mail

client receives purchase in mail (or) client stops by hospital and is handed script

  • clients won't have any more wasted trips to the veterinary hospital to pick up prescription diets that the hospital is already sold out of
  • Increased client compliance means:
    • more product sales, which generates more profit
    • a higher number of successful doctor-designed treatment plans, which raises the credibility of the practice in the clients' eyes, and bonds the client more deeply
  • Increased patient longevity and quality of life means:
    • more product sales, as well as more veterinary services to be provided for the pet--again, more profit is generated for the practice
    • raised practice's credibility in the clients' eyes, (thereby bonding the client more deeply to the practice) and being highly fulfilling for the doctors and staff
  • PetMedPlace means peace of mind for the doctors:
    • they have TOTAL control of their prescription authorizations; there will be no more liability exposure than a script filled in-hospital during a routine office visit
    • no worries about a doctor's signature floating around on the Internet, being mis-used
    • no worries about liability on prescriptions authorized by the doctor, but purchased elsewhere
  • PetMedPlace is the private practice's answer to the online pharmacies.

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