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See how EASY your Online Pharmacy will be to operate!

See a complete demo of the storefront as your clients will see it...
See a complete demo of how easy it is for your staff to administer... more...

How will I let my clients know I have an ONLINE PHARMACY?

Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes complete with a flyer customized for your practice!

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Setup is Easy!

Setup Is Easy!

We Have Already Done Over 99% Of The Work!

  1. Your ONLINE PHARMACY will be on the internet at a domain name customized for you. If your practice name is Anywhere Animal Clinic, the web address will be similar to
  2. http://DemoVet.PetMedPlace.com. Have your Webmaster set a link to your Online Pharmacy from your Website. Don't have a website yet?--You need one! Click here if you need a website.

  3. Set up your product line. Your Online Pharmacy will come pre-loaded with over 600 standard pharmaceuticals and supplies, ready to go! The complete line of Hill's Science Diets and Prescription Diets come pre-loaded. Also, the complete line of Sentinel, Interceptor, Frontline, Metacam, Rimadyl and several other typical veterinary products are already set up. Activate the ones you want, set the prices wherever you want! Add any additional products you want. It's easy!
  4. You have robust control over your Online Pharmacy's products.
    • You control the price.
    • You control "special" pricing.
    • You can easily add or delete products offered.
    • You control if the product is available for "In Store Pick Up Only" for items too bulky or heavy to mail.
    • You control if the item is "Special Order", telling the client it will take additional time to receive.
    • You control the reminder message and time interval for each product.
    • You control the shipping charge (cover your overhead, or be very competitive, it's up to you).
    • You control the order size for "Free Shipping" (if you want to offer free shipping at some purchase level).
    • You control if there is a "Dispensing Fee" for some products (single tablets require a pill bottle and hand counting, as opposed to selling entire packages).
    • You control the species restrictions for any product.
    • You control the weight restrictions for any product.
    • You control which species for which you are offering products (Choose any combination of Dog, Cat, Horse, Cattle, Avian/Exotic).

  5. Your Online Pharmacy will come with a standard set of F.A.Q.'s concerning Pharmaceuticals and Supplies, and your Online Pharmacy. However, you have complete control over the categories and content of the F.A.Q's.
  6. Time savings!
    • Your clients can shop in the convenience of their home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They'll save gasoline and time, instead of having to drop by your hospital, at peak lobby congestion times, just to buy a pack of heartworm preventative!
    • Your clients will set up THEIR account online. You do not need to spend your staff's valuable time typing in names, addresses, telephones, pet's name, breed, etc.
    • However, you can EASILY set up an abbreviated account for your client when needed. You can then place items in their shopping cart. You need only put in the client's name, the email address, the pet's name, species and weight (compare this to VetCentric!). Then select which products to put in the client's cart. Your client will be informed by email to log in with their email address, and their pet's name as the temporary password. They can then change their password to their choosing. The items you selected/prescribed are already in their cart. They can add to the cart or just checkout. Your staff will handle processing as usual, and ALL of the revenue stays in your practice (again, compare this with VetCentric!).
  7. Your ONLINE PHARMACY will impress your clients deeply, as a mark of your practice's commitment to cutting-edge technologies, advanced practice protocols, and customer service .

  8. Your clients will be impressed with your practice's Online Pharmacy sophistication.
    • Your clients can see their previous orders, and re-order with ease.
    • Your clients can track the status of each order (Awaiting Prescription, Ready to Print, Printed, or Completed).
    • Your clients can place items in their shopping cart, and the items will remain there until the client removes them from the cart or submits the order.
    • Your clients can choose if they want their credit card information saved or will need to be input each time (Your Online Pharmacy is secured with 256 bit encryption, but this option lets your clients choose extra security of not having credit card information stored, or the convenience of having it already there on each order).
    • Your clients will be cautioned of possible order error if they select a product for the wrong species or weight. For example, purchasing a product restricted to dogs, if their pet is a cat, or if their dog weighs 20 pounds, and the product is for dogs 25 to 50 pounds.
    • Your clients will receive an email on the first of the month reminding them to give their pet their monthly product (if you choose to set up the reminder in this manner). This will lead to better client compliance, and lead to more sales, because the product is consumed in the proper timeframe.
    • Your clients will also receive an email reminding them it is time to re-purchase the product (if you choose to set up the reminder in this manner).

  9. Client acceptance will be high.

  10. You clients would much rather spend their money with someone they know, rather than someone in a different state, hidden on the internet. They will feel reassured, knowing they are getting first-rate products approved for use in the USA, carrying full manufacturers' warranties. They would much rather do business with their family veterinarian, as long as it is convenient and competitively priced.

  11. You will keep ALL of this revenue for your practice, instead of wasting a huge amount of time approving prescriptions for the Big Online Pharmacies, and them getting all of the revenue. The Big Online Pharmacies will also seduce your clients into buying the high profit items, like Greenies and Shampoos, after stealing your pharmaceutical revenue. Remember, you too can sell any product you want from your ONLINE PHARMACY! Fight Back! If veterinarians all over the country will band together and offer Online Pharmacies for our clients at competitive prices, we can put all of this revenue back in our practices, where it belongs!

  12. You even have control over the Storefront's Help System. Let your clients see either Tucker the dog, or Sassy the cat, as the help provider for using your Online Pharmacy. Scroll over and click either Tucker or Sassy to see how the help works.

Click here to SEE how it all works!

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