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Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes complete with a flyer customized for your practice!

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How It Works

It's Easy! It's Fast! It's Complete!

See an example of how your ONLINE PHARMACY ties into your practice's website. Clicking here will take you to the home page of fictional DemoVet Animal Hospital. Click on "Online Pharmacy" from the menu. The "Storefront" for fictional DemoVet Animal Hospital will display.

  1. Make the decision to recapture all of that lost revenue. Place an order with PetMedPlace.com!  During the ordering process, you will fill-out a short questionnaire to help us customize your ONLINE PHARMACY for your practice's personality. Your ONLINE PHARMACY will be ready in just a few days. You will receive a Start-Up email telling you of your website address for your ONLINE PHARMACY. Your ONLINE PHARMACY will come pre-loaded with over 600 common veterinary products. It's EASY to add other products!

  2. Orders are placed in 1 of 2 ways:
    • Your clients can shop and order at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • You or your staff can easily place items in your client's shopping cart.
      Your client will be notified by email that the items have been placed in their shopping cart. Your client can log-in and complete the transaction.
  3. Check for Orders. Your staff can easily check for new orders. Your practice will also receive an email when a new order has been placed. The program has already sorted new orders, based on whether the order contains product requiring a prescription (order status "Awaiting Rx") or an order with no prescription items (order status "Ready to Print").

  4. Prescription writing. Prescriptions are handled in 1 of 2 ways:
    • Your staff can print out prescription forms with the patient, client, and product filled-in, to be completed by the Veterinarian, then the staff enters the information back in the program. (Paper)
    • The Veterinarian can easily complete the prescription Online. (Paperless)

    After completing the prescription for each Rx item, the order status is automatically changed to "Ready to Print".

  5. Change Orders? It's easy! Say your client ordered 12 months of Sentinel, yet your patient will need a heartworm test after only 6 months. You are only comfortable prescribing your patient a 6 month supply. However, your client has already paid for a 12 month supply! Your ONLINE PHARMACY handles the change order with ease. You simply click the change order icon, and keep what items you want your client to receive and add any additional items to the order. Your ONLINE PHARMACY automatically handles crediting the original order amount and charging the new order amount.
  6. Processing. Your staff can now check for orders "Ready to Print". Your assigned printer will print out all prescription labels, the shipping label, and the invoice for each order. If the order is for "In Store Pick Up", the shipping label will state "In Store Pick-Up". Once an order has been printed, the status is automatically changed to "Printed".

  7. Mailing. Your staff will pull the products, apply the prescription labels to the products, place the products and the invoice in a FREE box supplied by the Post Office, (or in a shopping bag for "In Store Pick Up"), apply the flat-rate priority mail stamp and shipping label to the box, and drop it in the mail. It's easy!

  8. Completing - After placing the order in the mail, or placing the "In Store Pick Up" order up front, your staff simply checks-off that the order has been "Completed". Your clients are notified, via email ,their order has been shipped, or is ready for pick-up. The order has already been paid for, so no additional staff time is needed for check-out when the client arrives.

  9. Results - Your client receives their order in 1-2 business days (usually the next day, since most clients live locally). The revenue is automatically deposited into your bank account. Your staff saves time, your client is impressed with your practice's level of technology, and pleased with the convenience!

  10. Products - Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes with more than 600 commonly used veterinary products and medications. It's easy to add any Product you want. You can also create new Categories, Product Lines and Product Options. You can select which species your ONLINE PHARMACY serves (Feline only? No problem, you can set your menu to show only "Cats", instead of "Dogs, Cats", etc.).

    Product Restrictions - You can set product to have species restrictions, and weight restrictions (example: Sentinel Green should be for dogs only, with the weight between 11 and 25 lbs.). If your client orders a product for a pet not of that specie, or within that weight range, they will be cautioned, but not prohibited, from ordering the product.

    You can set a product to be "In Store Pickup Only", for products too heavy or bulky to be easily mailed (i.e. pet food bags). However, you still offer these products to your client for "In Store Pickup Only". Your staff can process the order at their convenience. Your client will be emailed when the order is ready for pickup. Your client can zoom-in and zoom-out, because it has already been paid for, rather than standing in line to buy a bag of diet during the middle of a lobby rush! How convenient!

    You can set a product to be "Special Order", telling the client you don't normally stock the item, but can get it within a few business days.

    You can choose to display Your Price vs. "that pet pharmacy on TV". Your program will go and check their prices anytime you choose! Of course, if your price is higher, the "other guys " price will NOT be displayed.

    Products can be set to add TWO types of Email Reminders. A reminder to Administer the product either on the 1st or the 15th of each month (Administer Reminder) can be set for any product. A reminder to Repurchase the product (Repurchase Reminder) can be created for timely repurchase. For example, Sentinel 6 pack can be set to send an email reminder to administer the product on the 1st of each month, and to repurchase Sentinel after the 6 tablets have been administered....this promotes excellent client compliance and repeat sales!

    Your staff can edit the wording of the reminder to promote Specials Promotions or holidays.

    You can also place a "Best Value" tag to guide your clients to the most economical quantity of a product.

  11. Inventory Control - The program reports to you which and how much of each product has been sold, so you can easily take these products out of your inventory.

  12. Reports - A complete reporting system of prescriptions, sales, clients, patients, etc.

  13. Help - Your ONLINE PHARMACY has a very comprehensive Help System and Tutorial System. Your staff will quickly see how easy and complete your ONLINE PHARMACY really is!

Click Here to see the Help System.

Click Here to see the Tutorials

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