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See how EASY your Online Pharmacy will be to operate!

See a complete demo of the storefront as your clients will see it...
See a complete demo of how easy it is for your staff to administer... more...

How will I let my clients know I have an ONLINE PHARMACY?

Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes complete with a flyer customized for your practice!

Its easy to convert your clients... more...

Don't Have a Website?

Your practice needs a Website! More and more people are turning to the internet to find the goods and services they need!

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Demo of Online Pharmacy

Your ONLINE PHARMACY actually consists of two separate websites.

There is the "Storefront" site, which is the website your client will see when ordering product.

There is also the "Administration" site, which is the website from which you or your staff will process orders, send reminders, and maintain your Storefront.

The following are "Flash" movies demonstrating many of the features of your ONLINE PHARMACY. At the bottom of the movie screen, you will find a playback control, so you can pause the movie and study the screen, repeat a scene or fast forward.

The Storefront site- "The Client Interface":

The Administration site- "Processing and Administration":

After Viewing the "Flash" movies, you can see and test drive a Demo ONLINE PHARMACY.

You can test drive both the "Storefront" site (where your clients will shop and place orders), and the "Admin." site (where orders are processed and the Storefornt is maintained), for a fictional veterinary hospital called DemoVet

Click here to see and test drive the "Storefront" site (The credit card portion is turned off. Your credit card will NOT be charged, nor will any orders be denied)

Click here to see and test drive the "Administration" site (the login and password are both "DemoVet") Make sure and visit the "Help" area in the upper right hand corner...complete instructions on how your ONLINE PHARMACY functions!

Go ahead! You can't hurt it! See how easy and robust the PetMedPlace ONLINE PHARMACY really is!

Note: The DemoVet site will not let you add or change product information

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