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See how EASY your Online Pharmacy will be to operate!

See a complete demo of the storefront as your clients will see it...
See a complete demo of how easy it is for your staff to administer... more...

How will I let my clients know I have an ONLINE PHARMACY?

Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes complete with a flyer customized for your practice!

Its easy to convert your clients... more...

Don't Have a Website?

Your practice needs a Website! More and more people are turning to the internet to find the goods and services they need!

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Customized Flyer

How Will I Let My Clients Know I Have An Online Pharmacy?

Your ONLINE PHARMACY comes complete with a flyer customized for your practice. Place the flyers in your exam rooms and in the lobby. Each time a prescription or non-prescription order is filled by telephone or walk-in, have your staff staple a flyer with the invoice. In no time at all, your clients will be ordering over the internet from YOUR PRACTICE, rather than shopping with those other Internet Pharmacies.

Your staff will save time by filling orders during a less busy time of day, rather than filling orders when the entire lobby is full of people!

Your clients will love the convenience!

(Click here to see to see a sample PDF file you take to your printer)

You simply take the PDF file to your printer and have them print the flyers on a heavy, slick paper. The printers will cut the flyers so that you end up with two 5.5" x 8" flyers for every page printed

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